Monday, 8 June 2015

Mid-year updates and reflections

HELLO! My blog is a hermit crab who has found a new home:

I didn't do well for Y1S2. I'm disappointed in myself, and I probably deserve this. I definitely didn't study my best, and forgot my regrets and determination that I had in semester 1. There's no going back; I used up 2 S/Us and I'm only into Year 2. This may be for the better though; I'll probably be pushed into survival mode in Y2S1.

But, I will also not be starting Y2S1 together with my batch mates cos I'M GOING TO JAPAN FOR INTERNSHIP. AND IT'S WITH THE AWESOME ASHINAGA. An internship that I never dreamt of getting as a Year 1. But anything can happen! The whole process+outcome is just so unbelievable, yet I am also certain that it is because of my faith. Now I finally understand what my seniors in faith mean when they said, "You'll know it when you truly chanted and gained benefits."

I am excited+nervous+scared because I feel quite inferior about my academic abilities especially after Y1S2 results came out. Do I deserve such a privilege to intern at Ashinaga? I seriously doubt so... I'm going to be in the Fundraising Research Team, which honestly wasn't my first choice (Student Support Team was) because I didn't think that I was ready for another research internship - wasn't too proud of my achievements during my time in MSF.

But since I've been gifted of the position, I need to work super hard and even harder than super hard to repay my debt of gratitude!

Oh, and SEA Games ended so well despite the repetitive trainings. So proud of my fellow Cattleya Orchids - so much love for them <3<3<3

Poem of the month

Which will probably stay with me forever:

"Hardship becomes one’s strength.
Suffering becomes one’s wisdom.
Sorrow becomes kindness.
One who experienced the greatest suffering
Will enjoy the greatest happiness."

- Daisaku Ikeda