Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Recent results

HELLO! My blog is a hermit crab who has found a new home: 

A- for two final essays of two GL core modules - Awesome!

Update #1: And an A for this socio essay. Was very surprised with the grading.

Too bad they're all only 20% and that I screwed up my midterms and that essay before this one.

#lessonlearned since Y1S1 but repeated each following semester.

Consistency is really key in college. Trust me, it's always too late to salvage anything later in the semester.

Update #2: Screwed up my finals for GL2103. Always kena death sentence by finals sigh.

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  1. Hi!!!! ANONYMOUS IS BACK HAHAHAHHA and i'm dying. I saw that you took GL2103 last sem????? 2015/16 sem 2 right. Under the ang moh prof? well, i'm doing the exact stuff that you did, except that i'm taking an intro mod. what i'm trying to say is that i'm taking the GL2103 syllabus that u went through, but the mod is called GL1101E :))))))))) THIS FRESHIE IS DYING OMG