Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Follow-up to my own blog post and mini response to how the media works

Saw this while researching on animal rights activists and their eating habits. Yeah, I kinda have this habit of ranting first and then googling to check if I got my facts right. Heh. It kinda reflects my normal thought process of just speaking without proper thinking.

"Myth: Animal rights activists protest whaling, but not the killing of cows.
Fact: While some people oppose the killing of whales because various whale species are threatened, or out of a belief that whales are special, animal rights activists oppose whaling because they believe it is wrong to kill sentient beings for food. Animal rights activists advocate veganism, but in general, protests against the killing of cows, pigs or chickens do not garner as much media coverage as protests against whaling, which might explain how this myth arose."

Well, this explains a lot, and it brings out a point regarding the media. It's frustrating how the media almost decides everything to broadcast. It's not fair really. It's like limiting our source of knowledge. And that's exactly the flaw of Singapore's media system but this calls for a separate post. Also, I still hold my stand mentioned in my previous post.

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