Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Response to "Save The (insert name of endangering species)" campaigns and its activists

Why is it always the endangering species? I mean, I get that their particular kind is facing extinction soon but is a Black Rhino's life worth more than a pig in a pig's farm that exists for the sole purpose of being slaughtered and consumed? Just cos we can breed livestock easily doesn't mean that they are less worthy of our protection. I don't know about you, but I think that saving endangered animals is just as important as saving a chicken, pig, cow or fish(and other common livestock). I think it's extremely hypocritical if any one of these activists that are fighting to "save the whales" or "save the tigers" aren't vegans or at least vegetarians. I can actually picture a group of people discussing about their next step to save whales while eating from a plastic takeout box filled with cooked dead animals. Disgusting.

I do know many of them are vegetarians/vegans, and rather than just targeting activists, I'll just share a personal experience. I was having an omnivorous meal with a few classmates and they started talking about how Koreans and Chinese are cruel for supposedly consuming dog meat and do note that they were saying this while stuffing pieces of meat into their mouths. So I was like, umm, but what makes a dog any less consumable than a say, chicken or pig? They just went on about how these 4-legged animals are not the same and that dogs are meant to be pets and not meant to be eaten. What bullshit.


I'm still in the process of becoming a lacto-vegetarian and it's not easy. It's inconvenient and foreign. But I don't want to be responsible for any deaths other than myself's. I can be cruel and say that every living being has a role to play and the collective life mission of livestock is probably to be consumed by humans/other predators because that's how the food chain works and I know that people will still continue killing and eating them even if I stop, but I don't want to be disgusted at myself. I'm even thinking of cutting out eggs too because technically, an egg is an unborn baby of a mother hen. Can you imagine if the world switched around and chickens start eating your unborn babies? Not a pleasant thought.

However, I have a rule of exception: If someone can't finish his/her non-vegetarian dish, I'll volunteer to finish it because I do not want that livestock to die for nothing. And no, this is in no way, hypocritical because honestly, I think I make much more sense than omnivorous animal rights activists.

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