Friday, 18 April 2014

Response to blogging

Confession: I like to review my own blog. I think I've made at least one correction to each post even after it's been published. I guess this is what make blogging so alive. I feel like I'm writing a never-ending book that will never be published since it's constantly edited.

And after reading my own posts, I like my blog. On the brink of sounding narcissistic here but I am enjoy reading my own writing; I like that my posts are so unorganised, like it's never really just on one small, defined topic. It's rather fun to read your own thoughts haha. I wonder if authors have this habit. I know Haruki Murakami reads the English version of his books(I think it was him?) but that's not exactly what I'm doing.

Anyways, blogging, I realised, is a very healthy habit. Why? Because by writing and then reviewing, I feel like I'm learning a lot. I may sound like I have very strong opinions in some of the previous posts, but actually my thoughts about a few of the issues right now are definitely not the same. My thoughts are constantly changing, that's why I probably have to keep blogging lol. And a lot of times, there's no right answer. That's quite a paradox actually because sometimes just sitting on the fence is kinda useless(at least that's what I think for now).

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