Monday, 7 March 2016

Back to Pescetarian

I have something to confess. I've been back to eating meat since September when I was in Japan. I gave myself the sorry excuse to eat meat just 'cos, you know, being in Japan and having the chance to try out all their delicious food was just so once-in-a-lifetime for me.

But, that was just the start. When I came back to Singapore in December, I was already accustomed to a diet with meat. What I experienced was a sort of disassociation with what made me decide to be pescetarian in the first place.

And today, thanks to a youtube video, I am reminded of why I chose to be pescetarian. I don't deserve to eat meat because I will never have the guts to kill an animal so much like me. I just can't.

Call me hypocrite for thinking that fishes or other seafood as less "precious" but it's just different. I have no problem killing a fish, or a crab but not a pig.

So, today marks my last day eating all red meat and chicken.

P.S. Arts Canteen aka "The Deck" has an Indian stall that I patronise almost every school day for vegetarian food. Their pumpkin side dish is damn bloody good.

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