Tuesday, 26 January 2016

An Automatic Digression (incomplete)

Jumping off the platform
Landing onto the stone-filled tracks; automatic
Freeing and binding himself to a fate he creates; automatic
Train stops and the train operator blinked; automatic
Announcing a service fault; automatic
His voice rang and touched the cold metal walls of the halted train
Blared across the platforms of the station which name I cannot
Doors slid open; automatic
Women in heels, men with ties,
children carrying similar school bags with their innocent, wide eyes
Exited and formed a seamlessly long line; automatic
Staff at the counter ready to mark tickets
Passengers got their money back without a hitch; automatic
I felt sick in my stomach; automatic
I felt like vomiting; automatic
I wanted to sit down and stop walking; automatic
I didn't know where I was in this foreign country
But I didn't want to go back to the train station
I wonder how much blood has been shed
Since the very first man landed on the railway tracks

Was it automatic?

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