Thursday, 28 January 2016

My 5-minute thought on corruption

Read a few articles concerning corruption and poverty today.
There's this one main argument that keeps popping out: Politicians are corrupted because it's possible for them to do so, easier in some countries than others.
Just wanna say that corruption is not limited to politicians.
Anyway, yes, I can't deny that having more leniency toward corruption increases the likelihood of having corruption.
But the fact that they could doesn't mean that they would or that they ought to do so.
I refuse to believe that there are people out there who can get a good night's sleep knowing that what they're doing has a direct/indirect link to people dying from poverty.
No matter if they are forced to be corrupt (i.e. so poor themselves that they don't even have room to care for others) or engaging in corruption out of the sheer greed for more wealth (e.g. rich politicians who can't seem to stash away enough money),
I want to believe they have a moral conscience. The very minimal moral conscience of feeling guilty because they know what they are doing is akin to murder, some more directly than others.

What about me and you, then? Is not saving akin to deliberate killing as well?

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