Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Random thought 1

Wrote this on a piece of NUS foolscap paper when I was too bored from sitting in front of my laptop in a humid office in Kojimachi:

I looked to my right and all I see were grey carpeted floors, grey rectangular lockers with the names of every employee in Japanese. I heard the staccato of keyboards; staff members of this company typing away their youth. I might be using the word 'I' a little bit too much in this country that supposedly puts others before the low life of oneself.

People jumping in front of charging trains, innocent lives locked in sarin-filled trains --- I want to get these images out of my head and focus on the perfect front that this country tries so hard to put up. For the selfish sake of my humanity, please leave... The forgotten people of society, left underground, far from the knowledge of everyone pacing above the ground, how are you doing? Did I catch the train too late?

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